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Scandinavian style in interior design

This style has no beginning or end in the history of interior design. It has existed ever since, when the modern countries of Northern Europe were formed and strengthened. All Scandinavian countries are somewhat similar in their history, climate and way of life. Therefore, the interior design of these countries has common features and characteristics.

A warm, cozy and comfortable home has always been a symbol of success and well-being for all peoples of Scandinavia.

But. as a full-fledged trend in design and architecture, the Scandinavian style has existed only since the 80s of the 19th century. The basic idea, which obey all the principles of the Scandinavian style, is: “Get plenty of beautiful things for every day!”.

And in 1905 at the international exhibition in the United States and Canada, the Scandinavian style declared to himself, as about a new, special and perfect design style.

In the modern world, this style is popular and in demand, along with Japanese, English and Italian.

This style embodies the character and principles of life of northern peoples. It harmoniously combines beauty, simplicity and naturalness.

We list the main features and characteristics of the Scandinavian style:
The clear predominance of light colors. In addition to white, shades of beige, yellow, blue and green are often used. Bright, saturated colors are also present, but only in small elements.
Clean lines, a minimum of decor and extra decorations.
The abundance of light. White daylight and bright light from a lamp or a chandelier are equally in demand.
The use of mirrors, sometimes very large.
Houseplants, often large. Which add freshness to the room and preach the love of nature.
The furniture is simple and functional, and at the same time light and elegant.
Cushioned furniture. This is a kind of business card Scandinavian style in the interior. The comfort of the chairs, sofas and beds is of the highest standard. All forms, finishing materials and furniture design contribute to good rest and sleep.
Light, invisible ceilings and floor. Warm carpets or animal skins on the floor.
Light curtains or curtains that do not close the window. Blinds and draperies are not welcome.
The absence of any artistic drawings on fabrics and solid surfaces.
Family photos and homemade beautiful decorations.
Stone fireplace, which embodies all the holiness and warmth of the hearth.
All interior elements are very comfortable to use and functional.
A lot of natural fur and warm bedspreads.
Only environmentally friendly materials are used: light woods, ceramics, glass, metal, natural fabrics (linen, cotton wool).
At first glance, the Scandinavian style in interior design is quite simple, but in fact it’s not very easy to create a real Scandinavian atmosphere. Each room in the Scandinavian style should be pre-thought out. This is a democratic style that is equally well suited for a country house and for a city apartment.

In the Scandinavian style, you can arrange absolutely any room, but practice shows that it is best to draw rooms for rest and sleep in it.

After all, of all existing styles, Scandinavian is one of the most peaceful and relaxing to sleep and rest. It creates a truly warm atmosphere that warms the whole family with warmth and comfort.

Another undoubted advantage of this style is the low cost of the elements and materials for its creation. In Scandinavia, there is a saying that conveys the spirit and mood of this style. It sounds like a proverb: “The house should be created for the pleasure of the owner, and the envy of the guests!”

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