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An elite designer renovation involves not just expensive repairs, a beautiful picture of an apartment or house, stuffed with chic furniture, accessories with fancy elements and gold leaf. Prestigious housing is distinguished by smart luxury, which is combined with convenience and functionality, manifests itself in varying degrees, depending on the style direction: it must be both beautiful, modern and most comfortable for all apartment residents.

Quality, individual approach, lack of templates – the distinctive features of design repair
Firms promoting their design services often operate with the phrases “elite design”, “high quality materials”. In fact, often already used solutions, materials that only imitate the best wood, natural stone, are often used.

The interior of a genuine premium class does not seek to impress first. He is not striking, nobly restrained, demonstrates grace, high taste.

Along with the use of advanced technologies and thoughtful style in the development of an elite design project, the professional designer does not use any templates. The concept of each object is developed from scratch, the taste and wishes of a particular customer are necessarily taken into account. Luxury apartments in the city or country cottages always have their appearance, character, and just like their owners, they do not resemble each other.

The feasibility and features of the layout of luxury housing
A cozy nest can be created from any apartment size. But it would be strange to talk seriously about the elitism of a tiny home, the repair of which took more money than the acquisition of him.

Exclusive design looks organically in:

residential premises with an area of ​​more than 200 m2;
2-3-level apartments;
mansions and cottages in the countryside with an area of ​​more than 300 m2.
The chosen interior style, the desire to make the space spacious, but a typical apartment more comfortable, functional, sometimes requires a radical redevelopment.

There are several options for the approach:

combining several rooms (for example, a kitchen with a dining room or living room);
demolition and subsequent construction of new partitions, reflecting their own vision of the purpose of the rooms (the isolation of a dressing room or the introduction of a bathroom in the bedroom perimeter);
simultaneous demolition and combination, in which the zoning of the space is carried out not at the expense of the walls, but by light, color design, placement of furniture groups.
The distinctive features of the interior premium
At the stage of discussion and development of the project, the designer needs not only to determine the style of the room. It is important to feel the character of the customer, to find the harmony between the future incarnation and the people who will live in the house. Only then will the elite interior be perfect.

When creating a unique project are guided by the following principles:

Personal approach. The interior of the premium class is in tune with the individuality of the property owner.
No restrictions. This concerns the area, the affordability of reconstruction, the choice of high-quality, beautiful materials.
The possibility of organizing additional facilities. Premium class housing is used not only for utilitarian purposes, it is supposed to be rest and entertainment. The set of corresponding zones is dictated by the customer. These include fireplace and billiard rooms, winter gardens and sports halls, saunas, spa facilities, home theaters and libraries.
In low-rise buildings takes into account the landscape outside the windows.
Nontrivial expensive finishing, custom-made finishing materials. Expensive natural materials, works of artists and craftsmen of handwork are used: carvers, cabinetmakers, sculptors.
Entering complex architectural elements: ceilings, arches of atypical configuration, the introduction of niches, colonnades, bas-reliefs.
Creating your own light script. Using light, they make the interior sound differently in the morning or in the evening, they delimit the space into different functional areas, emphasize the individual elements of the decor, the materials used in the decoration.
Equipment with the latest appliances. World brands in the kitchen and bathroom, modern media centers in the living room, the organization of the system of heating, ventilation, electrical appliances, security according to all the rules of the “smart home”.
The acquisition of collectible or designer furniture, according to the style.
From the idea of ​​design repair to implementation
Customers of the “premium” design project will not have to be disappointed. You can see your future home in 3d visualization, make adjustments to it, until the photographic image fully corresponds to the dream.

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