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In interior design, the finishing material plays a far from secondary role. After all, if we do not want to redo the repair every couple of years, then it makes sense to invest once in a high-quality expensive finish. In this article we will familiarize with advantages and features of expensive textures that are popular today.

Marble in the interior
Marble in the interior is associated with luxury and wealth from ancient times, when they were faced with temples and palaces. However, the point is not only in its aesthetically attractive appearance, but also in excellent quality.

Marble is durable and durable (its service life is at least 50 years), and its moisture resistance allows you to safely use it as a floor covering in a bathroom or pool. It is also used in public places (theaters, shopping centers, etc.) and in the corridors of residential premises – wherever a large number of people pass.

The material withstands impacts of different strengths, and its ability not to conduct current makes it possible to install the equipment on the floor without any problems.

Examples of the use of marble in a modern interior:

Marble countertop in the living room in a modern style.
Slabs in interior design
Slabs have become especially popular in interior design in the past few years, along with the development of eco-design and the desire of more and more people to switch to natural materials. These are wooden wall panels from which tables and tabletops, chairs and even window sills are made. The main thing that is appreciated in slabs is their original lines, especially where the column has a natural curve.

Tick ​​in the interior
Before us is a valuable wood tree from which to make furniture and flooring. The older the tree, the more expensive the floor will be. Tick ​​does not rot and does not collapse from moisture or mechanical damage, plus everything is environmentally friendly. It is often used as a coating in the bathroom, as after treatment with oils it also becomes non-slip.

Another advantage of the material – ease of care. The only thing is, it is better to entrust the laying of the tick floor to a specialist, rather than trying to do it yourself. After all, it is important to do this according to all the principles of multi-stage technology, so that the coating lasts as long as possible.

In addition to wooden slabs, there are slabs made of marble and stone, loved by their strength and the way they stylishly complement the interior. And in general, the concept itself came precisely from the masons in the process of obtaining stone blocks after sawing monolithic slabs.

Large or wide format porcelain tiles
As the saying goes: “Yes, you won’t be surprised by the size of a regular tile, whether it is a large-format porcelain stoneware size of 60 to 120 or more.”

Finishing of large-format tiles can be done in the bathroom or in the kitchen, you can also come up with an interesting solution of tiles in the living room. Its main highlight in the absence of a large number of seams. Also, the material does not deteriorate from the mold, and in order to damage it you need to try.

Consider that the large-format tile is better suited for rooms of large size, if you want to use it for rooms with a small area – consult with designers. Pre-make a visual layout to see how your plans will look alive.

Natural stone slate in a modern interior
Natural stone has always given the interior nobility, because slate is a great finish for those who wish to emphasize the status in the interior.

Besides the fact that the material is durable and environmentally friendly, it also has water-repellent characteristics, is not affected by temperature and ultraviolet. At desire the covering from slate can be laid and most.

Slate is suitable for wall and floor decoration, as well as for decorating a staircase or a fireplace.

Examples of the use of natural stone in a modern interior:

In the decoration of slopes
Black slate in the bathroom
Veneered panels are favorites of those who want to choose a finishing material, the price of which would be 100% consistent with quality. Possessing all the advantages of natural materials (environmental friendliness, durability, resistance to damage, they are cheaper.

By opting for veneered panels, the owners of the premises can play around with shades, the choice of which is huge.

This material is used both in residential buildings and apartments, as well as in office premises or conference rooms for wall panels, doors and furniture panels.

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