Scandinavian style in interior design
This style has no beginning or end in the history of interior design. It has existed ever since, when the modern countries of Northern Europe were formed and strengthened. All…

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Adults have at the same time several rooms where they can go about their business: chat with friends in the living room, work in the office, retire in the bedroom.…

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Personal experience: How to equip a full-fledged kitchen on six square meters
When my mother saw the tiny kitchen in the studio, which my husband and I were going to buy, she said at once: “Well, that's it, now you can definitely…

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Adults have at the same time several rooms where they can go about their business: chat with friends in the living room, work in the office, retire in the bedroom. At the same time, children have only one room – their room, which serves as a bedroom, and a place to receive guests and a place to study. To make the child comfortable to do all these things in the same room, you should take care of the layout of the nursery.

How to choose a room for the nursery
Before you begin planning the room for the child, you should choose a suitable room. Often parents define the most spacious and lighted room as a living room, but is it practical and correct? In the living room, adults do not always spend a lot of time, but for a child a bright and large room will be a real present.

The ideal option is a room with windows that overlook the sunny side and there is no loggia or balcony behind them. It is also recommended to choose a place that is as far from the kitchen and hallway as possible. Away from the kitchen, so that the child does not breathe smells, and away from the hallway, so that during the cold season the open door does not give the kid the discomfort caused by the cold air.

Safety: one of the important factors for a child’s room
If the baby is very young, but he already has his own room, you should worry about the utmost safety of the room – this is primarily related to sharp corners and drafts. Sharp corners can wait for a child anywhere, ranging from furniture and ending with a window sill and door. To protect the child from the danger of stumble on the corner will help the correct selection of furniture with rounded corners and various soft nozzles, put on the corners of the window sill and battery. You should also take care that the windows are sufficiently dense, do not let moisture and cold air, which can harm the health of the baby.

Children’s room zoning
After a suitable room has been chosen, it is worth allocating the activity zones, or in other words doing zoning. There are several specific areas in which the child will perform certain actions.

From a very young age, the child is actively engaged in creativity, therefore he needs a workplace, which in a few years will grow into a place where he will do his homework. The workplace should be located in the brightest part of the room, closer to the window.

The work area implies the following furniture:

Spacious table;
comfortable chair with back, which will be suitable for growth;
storage space (shelves, drawers, cabinets).
Also, do not do without a lamp or any other light source to work in the dark. Care must be taken that the lamp emits a bright and even light and does not cause discomfort to the eyes. Do not forget about the outlet, which should be located near the table, to connect a computer and a lamp. Wires should not lie on the table, as they will interfere with the exercises. If the child is still quite small and does not spend much time at work and activities, one small coffee table will suffice, which, however, after several years will inevitably have to be replaced with a large table.

No less important is the rest and sleep area. Bed should be in a dark corner, which does not get draft. Also, the bed should not be near the window and the battery. If there is little space in the room, and there will be two toddlers in it, you can pay attention to the bunk beds, various folding chairs and transforming beds.

During the day, such furniture will not take up much space, but at night, when the children do not walk around the room, the small bed will turn into a large and comfortable one. It is better not to buy a small, very children’s furniture, as children grow quickly and the beds have to be changed from year to year.

The organization of a zone for games in the nursery
The playing area can be placed in a free area left after the distribution of the workplace and bed. The play area can be combined with a rest area, but it should be as remote as possible from the work area. If the place for games is near the desktop, children will involuntarily be distracted and think about games, and not about lessons.

In the place for games should be:

Soft carpet. To make children feel comfortable and not cold on the floor, you should choose a warm and soft carpet that will be placed in the play area;
furniture for toys. It all depends on the number and size of toys, but in any case they will have to be stored somewhere. You can select for this small cabinet and chest of drawers, open shelves and so on. It is important that the furniture was fixed, and the child could independently get the toys and put them in place.

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