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Pavel Gerasimov, one of the founders of the Geometrium studio, shared his expert opinion on how to properly combine the kitchen and living room.

Recently, a great popularity is gaining the decision to unite the kitchen and living room. This is quite simply explained: it is in these areas that homeowners and their guests spend the most time. It is here that they rest, cook, eat food, and so on, and this is taking into account that the majority of actions occur simultaneously. That is why the decision to combine these two rooms is logical and expected. However, in terms of logic and design to properly combine these rooms, you need to have a general idea of ​​the nuances of the union.

When to start planning?
It is best to think about combining the kitchen and living room before purchasing a home. Sometimes the layout of the premises allows you to combine two rooms into one, and sometimes it is completely impossible. In order to know for sure whether it will be possible to perform this operation, you should look at the location of the kitchen and wet areas using the BTI plan.

Most often, the living room, kitchen and dining room are located closer to the entrance – this is done to ensure that guests who come on a visit immediately find themselves in common areas, and not in personal areas, such as the children’s room and the bedroom. There is a small exception – it is allowed that the kitchen is located further from the entrance, in which case you can combine the corridor with the living room, avoiding the need to put a door between them.

Nuances: what to look for when repairing the kitchen and living room?
There are a number of rules that must be observed during the redevelopment of the above areas, namely:

Bearing walls. If there are load-bearing walls between the kitchen and the living room, then this will significantly harm the plans. Bearing walls can not be demolished, only an opening is allowed;
Gas riser. According to the general safety rules, it is not allowed that the kitchen and the place where the tenants sleep, should not be enclosed by a wall. However, it is worth noting that the rules allow for a sliding and glass partition, so that at the right moment the kitchen can be quickly separated from the bedroom;
Non-location of the kitchen. The place where the kitchen will be located is determined using the BTI plan. It is forbidden to increase the size of the kitchen, occupying the territory of the living room, but it is allowed to expand the kitchen area at the expense of the corridor.
Next steps in combining kitchen and living room
After homeowners have decided that it is possible to combine the two rooms, you should think about zoning. To do this, conditionally housing is divided into functional zones and the center of each of them. For example, the main workplace in the kitchen is the surface used for cooking. Based on the place for cooking, you should plan the place where the refrigerator will be placed, as well as other household appliances. In the case when the residents prefer to watch TV while cooking, the ideal solution would be the island.

When planning the area in which food will be taken, you should consider what processes will occur here. The location of the table and the objects around it, as well as the side from which guests will approach the table are taken into account. We must try to plan everything so that people can move around the table without any problems or discomfort.

The central part of the living room is often the place to which the views of the guests will be turned: fireplace, TV, paintings. After the center of the recreation area has been determined, you can proceed to the arrangement of the rest of the room.

How to avoid odors from the kitchen in the common area?
In order that the smells from the kitchen do not penetrate into other rooms, you need to install a high-quality modern hood. And in case there is any partition or door between the rooms, then avoiding an unpleasant smell will be obtained faster and more thoroughly.

How best to make the floor in the united zone?
It is important to choose the floor covering so that it is practical and fit into the overall interior of the housing. In particular, practicality should be taken into account, since the kitchen is a work area, here the water is spilled, and the pipe can break, and in general many unforeseen situations can happen. The material to be installed on the floor should be easy to clean and not absorb stains from the liquid. If the material was nevertheless not very well chosen and there were spots and stains on it – do not despair! You can always restore the flooring with other materials.

One of the most practical solutions for the floor in the combined areas will be a combined finish: in the kitchen one floor, smoothly and harmoniously moving into another in the living room. Moreover, it is not necessary to zone the kitchen completely with tiles or porcelain stoneware; it will suffice to single out the above-mentioned materials only for the place of cooking and the wet zone.

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