A tool that makes a small bathroom spacious in minutes
One of the most pressing issues facing small business owners is how to increase the bathroom visually, if it is not possible to make physical expansion of the boundaries. There…

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How to awaken the interior from hibernation: 7 spring trends that will not make you bored
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Italian style in interior design
Italian style is a luxury, refinement of taste, refinement and originality. Indeed, for good reason, Italy is considered the capital of fashion and design art. The ability of the people…

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10 peeped ideas that will help to build the most damn attractive decor elements

In skillful hands, the most simple things can turn into practical and stylish design objects. The most interesting thing is that for this a lot of time or some skills are unnecessary. You will be able to make your interior more functional, interesting and neat, it will take no more than a day, or even just a few hours.

1. Steep vase of incandescent lamp
Incandescent lamp can be found in almost every home, and if it is no longer functioning, then such an object will be just the way for you. Just gently remove the inner content from it, remove the top “cap.” Things are going easy, make a stand made of durable aluminum wire, fasten a lamp to it – a stylish and original vase is ready!

2. Wine Cork Bath Mat
A good idea for wine lovers is making a practical rug for the bathroom or hallway. To create it will need about 60 wine corks that need to be halved. It is better to fix them on a waterproof, durable surface using a universal moisture resistant glue. This is a fascinating process, as a result of which you will receive an unusual decor item.

3. Stands for cups and glasses of disks
Compact disks are now used extremely rarely, now the main information carriers are digital devices. Therefore, the disks gather dust on the shelves of the computer desk and are the first candidates to be sent to the trash can. But they can be applied with benefit, for example, to make attractive coasters for cups or glasses. This will also require bright textiles and a sewing machine (or needles, if you will do stands without a machine). Just a few hours and unnecessary discs and pieces of fabric will turn into very practical items that successfully decorate the interior.

4. Original books holder
When the library is of impressive size in the house and it is constantly expanding, the question arises how and where to store a large number of books. You can use a metal holder, which will create an interesting effect. It will seem that the stacks of books are floating in the air.

5. Stylish storage basket out of the ordinary box.
The world of decor is amazing and diverse, full of interesting ideas and simple solutions. For example, having a regular cardboard box in hand, a skein of jute cord and glue can be made into a very stylish storage basket, like from the pages of interior magazines.

6. Designer candle holders in 3 minutes
Filling the house with comfort during the cold season is not difficult at all. For this you need candles, and you can make fashion stands for them in just a few minutes. Take tall glass flasks or wide glasses, pour green peas or colored beans in them, put a candle in it and the stylish decor is ready!

7. The second life of an old dresser
If the dresser is no longer pleased with its appearance, but only annoying, do not rush to throw it away. To save the situation is easy with the help of decoupage. This technique of decorative furniture design is not only practical. When working with it, you get creative and aesthetic pleasure, and the interior is transformed before our eyes.

8. Candlesticks made of tin cans and clothespins
A great way to keep clothes in order is to make candlesticks out of them, which will perfectly decorate a balcony or bathroom interior. Just hook them in a circle of canned tin cans.

9. Jute pears from old incandescent bulbs
Do not throw out burnt incandescent bulbs! They are very useful to you, for example, to create an original decor. Wrap a jute rope around them, fix it with glue and you will get original jute pears to decorate the dining room or living room.

10. Tinware cutlery organizer
Finishing our hit parade of ideas is another interesting solution – an organizer for cutlery. To create it, you will need metal cans from baby food, olives, canned pineapples. Connect them together, fasten on the rack, paint in color that blends harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen and convenient storage system is ready

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