Not always the interior, which invested a large amount of money, is comfortable and functional. Moreover, a higher budget does not guarantee a beautiful apartment design as a result. In…

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Oriental style in interior design
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How to awaken the interior from hibernation: 7 spring trends that will not make you bored

Spring is the time of light and tender colors! It’s time, when everything awakens from a long winter sleep, the interior is no exception. Today we will talk about how to refresh it and fill it with life, make it bright, beautiful and inspiring for spring exploits. In addition, consider the main trends of this season, and they promise to be very interesting!

1. Cozy textiles

The first month of winter, often still cold and not filled with the sun, so you need to take care that woolen blankets are replaced by lighter, but still warm and cozy textiles. Yes, in order to get rid of the winter situation, you will need to remove the decorative details of the interior of a large knit before the next snow season. These include air blankets made of merino, covers on pillows with a large viscous.

For the first spring months, it is better to choose something lighter, but such that in a cool evening you can wrap yourself in a beautiful blanket and drink a warm tea. Give preference to natural fabrics, they maintain a special atmosphere in the house, and it is pleasant to touch them.
2. Cold pastel

According to tradition, pastel shades always take part in the design of the spring interior. According to the trends of 2018, cold and saturated colors will be in fashion. Designers are advised to pay special attention to candy pink, creme brulee, candy pink. This spring, clearly, promises to be sweet!
3. According to the laws of geometry

It looks like geometry will never go out of style! It is relevant at any time of the year, and this spring we are offered to look at the color and contrasting patterns on the wallpaper in the form of geometric shapes. They not only successfully decorate and refresh the interior, but also set the dynamics in a small space, will bring a zest to it.
4. Green elements

It is time to remove the decorative candles, fluffy white rugs and finally let the spring into the house! Houseplants will help to refresh the space, especially if you use unusual flowers. For example, succulents have recently become very fashionable. They are unpretentious, do not require special care, and do not take up space, but look spectacular. You can collect the whole composition of these small relatives of cacti. They are green, red, lilac, pink and even yellow. And yet, one of their main advantages is that you can place plants anywhere – on the wall, on the windowsill, on the coffee table, near the computer in the workplace.
5. Blueberry Blues

A trend from which not to run away this year is the widespread use of blueberry hue. Saturated, overwhelming, all-consuming, but at the same time noble, calm, causing peace. This color is good for decoration and accents, to create a certain atmosphere. It is appropriate to use in the bedroom or bathroom, where there is a relaxing atmosphere.
6. Good old ombre

The effect of ombre was popular three years ago, then it was forgotten for a while, it turned out that it was not for long. In 2018, this trend returns again, so do not ignore accessories, textiles, and even finishing materials in this style. With their help, you can create an easy and relaxed atmosphere in the interior.
7. Gold in detail

The tendency to metallic accents has been preserved for several seasons, designers continue to experiment and embody bold ideas. This year, they advise everyone to pay close attention to yellow gold. And, it is not necessary to waste time on trifles! Choose mirrors in gilded frames, dressers with shiny inserts, metal floor lamps. Let the interior shine in all its glory!

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