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5 tips for choosing a sofa for the living room

Sofa – the center of not only the living room, but the whole apartment. There are a lot of requirements for the sofa: it should be beautiful and comfortable, it should look good in the interior, serve faithfully for years. To upholstered furniture met all your expectations, the choice should be taken responsibly.

1 Shape and dimensions
Before proceeding to the choice of a particular model, carefully consider the layout of the room. What space are you ready to allocate for new furniture?

A straight sofa can take a place near the wall, and can stand in the center of the room so that there is free space around it for passage.

Corner sofa with a large sleeping place is even more versatile. In the small living room, the “L-shaped” design will take a corner and free up space in the center. In the spacious – zoned room, visually dividing it into several parts. The top of the functionality is a modular sofa. Its design consists of separate modules. You can move them in any sequence, or you can use them as independent chairs.

Buy a folding model? Do not forget to make sure that there is enough space for its transformation. Otherwise, interior ideas can be corrupted by a banal lack of space.

2 Purpose of the sofa
It is equally important who will use the furniture and for what purposes. Planning to buy a sofa bed for daily sleep? Focus on reliable and durable transformation systems: “accordion”, “pantograph”, “eurobook”, “dolphin”. The desire to buy sofas cheaply from the manufacturer is understandable, but you should not save on the folding system. Budget “book”, “roll-out” or “French folding bed” are guest options that are not recommended for sleeping every day.

3 Upholstery
Manufacturers use fabric, artificial or natural leather as upholstery. A great variety of woven materials. All of them differ in invoice, performance and, of course, price. One of the most cost-effective and practical at the same time is chenille: soft, resistant to wear and fading. Its main drawback is intolerance to moisture. Velor – pleasant to the touch, fleecy and velvety, undemanding in leaving. Jacquard is durable and wear-resistant, thanks to a special interlacing of threads, it is possible to apply resistant and very beautiful patterns to this material. Flock – affordable fabric with good anti-vandal properties, confidently resists the claws of pets.

Artificial and genuine leather are more often used for upholstering office sofas or office furniture, but in the living room such a sofa will look status and respectable.

4 Convenience
Having dealt with the appearance, it is necessary to proceed to the performance characteristics of upholstered furniture. The optimum height of the seat, the angle of inclination and the rigidity of the backrest, the ergonomic shape of the armrests – it should be comfortable to sit on the sofa.

For the quality of sleep meets the model filler. For daily use, a spring block is better suited – an elastic base that can withstand heavy loads and does not sag over time. In sofas for daytime rest, polyurethane foam is most often used, its combination with latex, padding polyester, holofiber is possible.

5 carcass
The pledge of durability of the sofa – a strong frame. Before buying, be sure to specify what it is made of. Many manufacturers use chipboard – inexpensive plates with good strength indicators. Frames made of wood or metal is preferable, because more environmentally friendly, but their cost is much higher.

The optimal price-performance ratio is a combined base. Natural timber, elements of plywood and chipboard – a classic version for modern models of sofas.

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