French style in interior design
The associations that come to mind, at the mere mention of France, are romance, grace, grace and real, sophisticated design taste. The interiors, made in the French style, are elegant…

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Personal experience: How to equip a full-fledged kitchen on six square meters
When my mother saw the tiny kitchen in the studio, which my husband and I were going to buy, she said at once: “Well, that's it, now you can definitely…

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Wooden style in interior design
This is a completely new, developing and not yet fully formed style for interior decoration. This direction in design and architecture has arisen ever since the creation of exclusively wooden…

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How to create a high-tech kitchen?

Before you give preference to any style in your home, you must understand its character. Would you be comfortable spending time in this kitchen in the mornings and evenings, to receive guests? High-tech some people find it too an ascetic style and somewhat uncomfortable, but …

If you are a modern, energetic and even somewhat pragmatic person, like restraint and harmony in everything, then high-tech cuisine is definitely your option. This style fell in love with perfectionists and individuals who love new technology, ergonomic things and order. The reason for this is that high-tech provides for the rational use of space, multifunctional modern furniture and equipment, as well as practical wear-resistant materials in the decoration of the room. High-tech houses have no extra details in their exterior and interior, always bright and spacious.

What are they – the real modern kitchen?
No matter what size your kitchen is. Exquisite high-tech will find a place in any area, because the thoughtful use of space, multifunctional furniture (for example, transforming furniture), an abundance of light and bright colors can visually expand the volume of even the smallest room.

The following 5 signs will help you recognize the real modern kitchen:

Used modern built-in appliances with a control panel or on the remote.
The design is dominated by clear lines, simple geometric shapes and symmetry.
The basic colors are white, gray, black, cream or brown.
The almost complete lack of decor on the walls.
The main materials for decoration and furniture are glass, plastic, aluminum, metal, chrome, natural stone, acrylic, polycarbonate.
There is a lot of light, while the spotlights are mounted in the ceiling or floors.
Large windows without curtains. Instead, blinds, roller shutters, Roman blinds are used.
Next, we analyze all your future high-tech kitchen in pieces and design the perfect design.

So, to see your reflection
Speaking of flooring, you should give preference to laminate (preferably not under a dark wood), linoleum, vinyl or tile. But the trend for the modern kitchen or high-tech are mirror cast floors! This is a special solution that, on drying, forms such a glossy floor that you can see your reflection in it. Moreover, under the layer of solution can be any pattern and texture. But we do not forget that high-tech is devoid of excessive detail, so we choose a single-colored floor. At the same time for the kitchen, where cooking often takes place, it is better to give preference to dark color.

No problem
The case comes to the walls and in this case the simpler, the closer to high-tech. Use plain plaster or paint. If you still want to polish, then organize a mirror insert, purchase wall plastic panels or porcelain. Alternatively, you can use liquid or glass fiber.

Try not to make the walls bright – white, light gray, cream will be the ideal options. Use motley colors (blue, red, yellow, or green) for accents. Let some juicy tint will be the second or even the third in the design.

What is on top?
Ideal high-tech kitchen – it is perfectly smooth ceilings, so it is desirable to use stretch. Moreover, they can be both matte and glossy. If the height of the room allows, a multi-tiered ceiling would be a good idea and in this case the tiers can be in contrasting colors. Stretch ceiling plays a double aesthetic role: in itself, it is beautiful and perfectly smooth, but behind PVC film all wiring hides from lighting or your modern technology.

If the tension option for you is expensive, then you can simply align the ceiling and paint it or give preference to the ceiling tile.

Carry another lamp!
High tech design loves a lot of light. It is better when this light is daylight. From here came the huge windows (French), which, unfortunately, are not appropriate in all kitchens. Therefore, they use daylight sources in the form of small lamps, for example, rotating spots or recessed lamps. An interesting option for the kitchen can be LED strip in the cooking area or dining table.

Chrome lamps on the bar is also a bright attribute of high-tech style. In general terms, the question of illumination should perform two important tasks: the abundant provision of daylight and the ability to direct the light fluxes.

Expensive but impeccable high-tech furniture
Kitchen layout should be thought out to the smallest detail. It is important to leave enough space and do not pile up the room with furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to choose built-in and compact equipment, and the furniture is functional from high-quality wear-resistant materials. Moreover, the latter should not be significantly affected by chemical and physical stress.

Furniture should be clear lines, with chrome elements, the use of aluminum, glass, high-quality plastics. Avoid overly detailed interior items.

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