Beige color in interior design
Before you begin to make repairs, you need to think carefully about the interior style of the room and the color scheme. There is a huge selection of different colors…

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English style in interior design.
English style in the interior is defined and understood. In fact, this is a separate direction of the classical style, which retained the original features and characteristics of the British…

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The elegant aristocracy of Britain in the design of the living room

The refined English interior is a harmonious combination of the Victorian and Georgian styles. The main features of the classic interior are:

Availability of natural materials in natural, natural colors
A large number of wood elements
Numerous textile content
Fireplace presence
The presence of large chandeliers and floor lamps
The abundance of accessories and decor elements, among which may be “antique” elements of architecture or imitation of decorative fragments from the British colonies
Preferred color groups
The rainy weather of foggy Britain prompted the British to create interiors in “warm” colors and shades. Therefore, when making a living room in the English style, terracotta, brown, ruby, maroon, emerald, turquoise, cream, beige, mustard, pale pink colors, as well as ocher and saffron colors are relevant.

Wall decoration living room
The walls in the living room can be painted, covered with fabric, decorated with wallpaper of both smooth and corrugated texture, decorated with wall wood panels.

The background of the walls can be either monochrome or multi-colored using drawings and images. The patterns in the form of a medium and large cells, vertical stripes, and images with rosebuds and birds will be well recreated in the British style. The walls upholstered with fabric look unusual and spectacular.

The upholstery process is very laborious and absolutely impractical, as the fabric on the walls absorbs a huge amount of dust, which is extremely difficult to clean. Therefore, optimal use of wallpaper that mimic the fabric. They are very effective and practical.

It will give a special chic and elegant luxury to the room the original wall decoration with wood panels, decorated with fine carvings.

Ceiling and floor decoration
To create an English style living room in the apartment, you can use the best option for ceiling decoration in the form of a stretch ceiling with cornices. Such a decision will visually increase the height of the ceiling, and the use of light behind the eaves will give the design a special luxury.

If the living room is decorated in a country house, where space is not so limited, the ceiling can be decorated with wood beams, multi-level ceilings, decorated with stucco decorations. Also, the ceiling can be made of wooden carved ceiling panels.

Floor covering must be durable and of high quality. You can use natural wood, laminate, porcelain tile. Floor coverings should be natural, natural colors and shades.

English living room furnishing
Furniture and its elements in the English classical style are distinguished by their solidity and graceful stiffness. When arranging furniture in the living room, furniture elements made of solid wood using upholstery made of noble luxury fabrics or natural leather will look good. Also, the use of gilding with inlays is encouraged. Original looks exquisite carving with copper and bronze fittings.

Elements of decor and textile decoration of the living room
The walls of the living room in the English style must be decorated with artistic creations in a classical solid framework. Large pillows, carpets, blackout curtains with numerous decorative elements, blankets and cloaks for furniture – the original textile decoration inherent only in this style. All kinds of antiques and a large number of books create a classic image of English luxury. The walls of the living room can be decorated with a collection of antique weapons. The presence of a solid fireplace will put emphasis in the interior of the living room of a country house. An alternative to the apartment is an artificial, decorative fireplace.

The main characteristic of the English style in the interior is aristocracy and restraint. It is chosen by people who prefer conservative comfort. In the interior they do not use modern halogen lamps, plastic furniture, textiles made of artificial fabrics.

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