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How to choose a chandelier in the bedroom?

In the course of creating a bedroom interior design, it is necessary to consider which chandelier will complement the furnishings visually and functionally. The points on which to rely when choosing the appropriate bedroom lighting:Dimensions of the room
The ratio between the desired and the recommended degree of lighting
Color spectrum
Interior style
The influence of room size on the choice of chandeliers
There are several types of lighting for general lighting:Suspended
Ceiling (chandeliers, overhead lights, spots)
Each of the options has recommendations for installation in accordance with the dimensions of the bedroom and the type of ceiling:

Suspended (they also attributed tension, plasterboard, rack, etc.)

Suspended chandelier is installed in all types of ceiling structures. Restrictions are available only on the volume of the room. If the height of the room is small – the suspension looks ridiculous, it noticeably spoils the interior, and interferes with movement. In the case of high ceilings, we recommend choosing a suspended chandelier – an effective lighting and design tool. It is recommended to hang it at a height of 2-2.2 meters to the floor. It is calculated – from the average human growth – there are few people taller than two hundred centimeters tall. Suspended model is installed if the height of the room allows you to hang it so that up to the floor remained at least 2. Usually, it is about 2.7 meters or more in general (the length of the suspension, the dimensions of the reinforcement are taken into account). If the height is below 2.5, use the ceiling model.

Beautiful white chandelier in the bedroom

Desired and recommended by the degree of lighting in the bedroom
There are recommendations for lighting each room in the apartment. For bedroom lighting, the recommended brightness is at least 50 and a maximum of 200 lux per square meter (this range includes the personal preferences of the residents). Why such a wide variation? Some owners prefer to see the bright light from the lamp in their eyes in the morning to wake up. Others feel more comfortable in a muffled bedroom with soft lighting and try to choose private lampshades.

What is a suite? A lux is a lighting unit that is equivalent to a luminous flux unit — a lumen. The technical characteristics of the lamps do not indicate both parameters – lumens are written in the technical data to the light sources:

Glow in 100 W is equal to 1380 lm.
Fluorescent at 36 W equivalent to 3350 lm
LED 2-3 W gives about 250 lm.
To choose a source of light in the bedroom, start off first of all from the dimensions of the room, the power of the light bulbs and the desired degree of illumination. The larger the room, the greater the number of sources required. There is a decorative lighting formula – the number of lamps multiplied by the luminaire power divided by twenty. This formula applies to halogen and incandescent lamps. When using fluorescent bulbs, the resulting number should be multiplied by 5, LED – by 10. The end result is equal to the number of square meters, which are able to illuminate the chandelier.

For example, a chandelier with 5 light sources, with a capacity of 40 W and a base, say, E14: 5 * 40/20 = 10 square meters. m., if used halogen or incandescent lamp. In the case of using fluorescent result – 50 square meters. m., LED – 100. The larger the bedroom, the greater the number of light sources in the lamp or chandelier, or a higher power lighting device is required.

Original chandelier in the bedroom

The color scheme and style of the bedroom interior
When planning to choose a chandelier in the bedroom, it is necessary to make a start not only from its visual component, but also from the appearance of the room. In an interior designed in khaki colors, for example, purple interior items do not look particularly attractive.

In creating a design, it is important to maintain a rather fragile balance that is easily broken. For example, in the bedroom, made in the classical style, using stucco details, the chandelier in the Modern style looks alien. It looks best in the modern bedroom.

Classic chandeliers
Choose classic chandeliers for lighting your bedroom in pastel colors. Classic is always relevant, because it stood the test of time. Many designers work fundamentally in this style, and customers deliberately ask for the interior in a classic format. The peculiarity of this style of chandeliers is that they are only suspended and will not fit into a low bedroom due to the size. An eclectic ceiling light will do.

Classic chandelier in the interior of the bedroom

Crystal Chandeliers
Special mention worthy of crystal chandeliers. They are popular with customers. Thanks to crystal details, the interior looks richer, with a touch of chic. The light refracted through the crystals of the chandelier causes them to play with multi-colored rays, which gives the room a special charm.

Some prefer to turn to designers who take into account all the details of the situation and skillfully combine them with each other, choosing the appropriate lamp for the specific situation.


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