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Personal experience: How to make a small kitchen beautiful and comfortable almost without cost and without repair

We will talk about ways to make a small kitchen more comfortable and stylish, without overhauling, without completely changing the furniture – that is, without huge financial and physical costs.

Men, as a rule, react with discontent to the phrase of their most faithful “And let’s make a permutation.” That they have no time, then obviously laziness. And women so want change and renewal! There are plenty of beautiful interiors on the Internet and they are thinking: why save for later, if you can do something right now?

We collected the advice and opinions of ordinary women who managed to independently and almost at no cost, successfully upgrade their apartment. Let’s start, of course, with the kitchen.

Seriously, many housewives are prone to hoarding – and suddenly it will come in handy. More than confident that even in your wardrobe there are things that you will wear only if you go crazy. What then to talk about the kitchen! Infinite jars, vials … In fact, during life, we accumulate a lot of unnecessary things, which we constantly shift from place to place, and it is a pity to throw it away.

Ruthlessly get rid of cracked plates and cups, peredelite extra teapots, vases, figurines and other dust collectors. You will see – you will have a lot of space. The fewer things in a small kitchen, the better.
I packed in boxes and gave to friends at the dacha, where we often gather for kebabs, a lot of extra mugs, beer cups, plates and other gizmos that have been stored for centuries, but not used. And friends, joy and benefit, and I feel good.

If you are tired of the kitchen set, it is not necessary to spend money on a new one – it can be updated using self-adhesive film. The simplicity and quickness of gluing will allow for a few hours to radically transform the interior of the kitchen. Moreover, the range of such films today is huge and allows you to choose interesting, atypical options – plain or patterned, light or dark, matte or glossy. There is even a film with a pattern of wood or stone!

You can even partially replace the massive furniture that visually clutters up the small kitchen, shelves, open shelves or shelves.

Furniture in a small kitchen should be functional, so that not a single centimeter would disappear. Then you will not need to clutter the space with unnecessary objects that are easy to hide in the lockers. Even from the windowsill you can make a work surface. Especially if you have a beautiful view from the window.

The working surface of the kitchen, as a rule, is made of various objects that should always be at hand. To order everything, to harmonize will help accessories for the kitchen. Here are a few options:

– Magnet for knives. Attached to the wall – and you’re done! Knives are always at hand and do not occupy space on the table or in the drawer.

– Rail systems. Ideal for storing any kitchen items, including seasoning jars, cups, pot holders, cutlery, etc.

– Trays, boxes and containers. They help to group and conveniently store items, including those that you do not use every day – for example, decorative ice tins or lids for cans.

Use these accessories. Remember – chaos does not paint the kitchen.

In addition, she can be beautiful. Cool technology will add a hundred points to your small kitchen, make it modern and stylish. Finally, you will be pleased to cook on it – and this, you see, is very important.
My life experience shows that there is nothing more permanent than temporary. It is better to immediately buy a standing thing than to save money, and then be disappointed and splurge on repairs. I already have an unpleasant experience – so when even my husband agreed that it was time to buy a new stove, I firmly stated: I no longer want to suffer with the oven, trying to cook delicious food, and spend half an hour trying to clean the hob. And I also don’t need problems with constantly breaking electric ignition.

If you have a small family like mine, then there is no need to purchase a huge stove for cooking. A small compact hob would be enough.
For example, the PGT ADAMELLO hob of the Italian Fornelli brand, 45 cm in size, which I chose as a result, is suitable even for a very small kitchen. It is equipped with a Triple Flame rapid ring (you will be surprised how quickly water boils and dinner will be prepared). Grid-adapter allows you to cook your culinary masterpieces in dishes of large diameter or with a spherical bottom, as, for example, in a wok pan. Convenient thing. Comfortable and safe: the cooking surface is equipped with gas control. How it works? If the fire in the gas burner goes out, the gas supply will automatically stop. I really like all these features.

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