Classic style in interior design
The history of the classic style is rich and rich. The birth and formation of this style began in the time of the Roman Empire. But the full decoration of…

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How to arrange the interior in the style of mid-century modern
The style of mid-century modern appeared in America in the mid-1940s: the war was over, and people wanted comfortable furniture, democratic and life-affirming interiors. The name of the style came…

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Interior design bedroom in a contemporary style.
The crazy rhythm of life of the people of our generation makes them more and more think about coziness and comfort not only at their work, but also at home.…

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High-tech style in interior design

High-tech style occupies a special place in the world of design and interior. He is distinguished by unusual, characteristic only to him properties and elements. This style is very popular in modern Europe and around the world. The hi-tech style is new and universal, it is suitable both for the decoration of public premises (offices, cafes, hotels, etc.), and for the design of residential buildings and apartments.

The main idea of ​​high-tech style is practicality, involving the use of the latest technologies and achievements. Antique and elegant items, handmade items, colorful wallpaper, carving and drapery will be completely out of place in the interior of high-tech style.

This style embodies the newest and most original design ideas, uses modern innovative, electronic technologies, applies the most practical and new building materials (as a rule, synthetic).

The hi-tech style can be described with the following basic principles:
Practicality and thoroughness.
The use of metallic colors and shades, as well as other unnatural (synthetic) colors.
The most functional furniture. As a rule, an unconventional form.
Surfaces of the floor, ceiling and walls should be smooth and shiny.
The color of the walls should be monophonic.
For the walls are used wallpaper, paint and plaster.
Ceramic tiles, natural stone, linoleum, laminate or parquet are placed on the floor.
To illuminate the room using built-in lamps or halogen suspension lamps. It is not uncommon to apply the colors of different spectra to light.
Optimum and convenient planning of space of the room.
Use clear lines and transitions.
Geometry (use of geometric shapes).
Only stylish and bright color combinations.
Extensive use of glass, plastic and metal elements.
To prevent the room from looking empty and lifeless, it is allowed to add abstract paintings, authoring photos in metal frames (preferably unusual and stylish). You can also put a carpet with a long nap on the floor, then the room will become cozier and more comfortable. With regards to curtains, it is best to choose a soft solid color, or hang up the blinds. But blinds are a great option for office space; in a house or apartment, Japanese curtains will be a great addition to the high-tech interior.

Artists and creative people are very fond of hi-tech style. Since it is possible to experiment and make additions. It is preferred by modern youth. It is used by a connoisseur of the latest technology and computer innovations.

Hi-tech expresses prestige and desire for fashion. By choosing this style, you can feel like an ultra stylish and modern person. High-tech, like minimalism, refuses decorative excesses. Leaving in the interior of the room only the most important. This style is perfect and uncompromising!

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