Painted Objects

People have painted and decorated objects in their homes since the Stone Age. As civilizations evolved, the decorations became more sophisticated and varied.

Today, as more products are mass produced  than ever before, people are seeking out ways to create their own style and demonstrate their individuality. Our artists and designers are here to aid our clients in achieving those goals. Shown below are examples of the many different types of hand painted objects we have created. All are custom done, and no two are alike. If you are interested in having any type of custom painting done, please contact us for ideas and a quote.

Hand Painted Artwork251

Hand Painted Artwork295

Hand Painted Artwork245

Hand Painted Artwork248

Airbrushed Purses

Shown below are examples of our canine friends that have been airbrushed on purses, wallets and other items. Please contact us for a custom airbrushed picture on the item of your choosing.

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